Meditations for a Happy Life

Special 4-week Course from Jan 4th to Jan 25th, 2024

Find Meaning Here and Now
Create Harmony with Others


1. Discover the Meaning of Life Here and Now (Thurs, Jan 4th, 3pm)
What does it mean to be present in the here and now? By understanding the nature of our past and future, we can embrace the present moment with a sense of ownership and control, leading to a happy and meaningful life.

2. Create a Better World (Thurs, Jan 11th, 3pm)
Past experiences shape our responses and behaviors in the present. When we live with the truth of impermanence and infinite possibility in every moment, we can move toward creating a better world together.

3. We are All in This Together (Thurs, Jan 18th, 3pm)
Can I exist alone, or is it more accurate to say that we are mutually dependent on each other? Through meditation on a realistic view of self and others, we can cultivate a sense of caring and respect for one another.

4. What is Right? (Thurs, Jan 25th, 3pm)
Happiness is achieved through creating harmony. What are the right actions, right speech, and right intentions that will create harmony within ourselves and with others? The purpose of practicing mindfulness is to live right.


*This class is extended until Feb 8th, 2024


Speaker: Ashley Davis, Co-founder of CHL

Where: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3598 Talbot St, San Diego, CA 92106

Donation-Based Event. Everyone is Welcome