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Building a New System Through Honesty

buddhology Jan 04, 2024

The world we live in is a product of countless generations, and our conscious and unconscious tendencies. There are so many wonderful aspects of our world, and so many terrible and frightening aspects. But every action we take is part of building a new world, a new system. One of the most powerful actions we can take is to tell the truth in all of our interactions. Any many of those truths are not comfortable. At the Center for Harmonious Living, we aim to tell the truth:

  • We tell the truth about death, loneliness, desire, and pain.
  • We tell the truth about ourselves and the world we live.
  • We tell the truth about creating harmony and happiness.

And our truth might be your truth too.

Buddhology means studying ourselves thoroughly, using that to understand others and the world we live in, and choosing words that convey truth and connection. As we learn a new language, we form new ways of understanding life. And as we learn together we create personal and social systems for harmony and happiness.

That’s what we call a peaceful revolution.


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