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Metta Sutta - The Discourse on Love

discourse love Jan 01, 2024


What is the skillful practice that leads to the state of peace?
One should be upright, capable, straightforward, and gentle in speech,

Humble, content, and frugal, free from busyness, light on the earth,
peaceful, calm, respectful, and never seeking favor (for selfish reasons).

Don’t do even the slightest action that the wise would criticize.
Wishing: ”May everyone be safe and happy. May all beings be happy.

“Whatever living beings there are without exception—
animals or plants, long or short, small, medium, or large,

“visible or invisible, living near or far, those born or to be born—
May all beings be happy.

“May no one cheat another,  look down on anyone in the world,
or wish for others’ suffering out of anger or resentment”

Just as a mother would give her life to protect her only child,
so develop a boundless heart to cherish all living beings.

Radiating kindness over the whole world, develop a boundless heart:
spreading upwards to the skies, downwards to the depths;
outwards and unbounded, free from hatred or ill-will.

Whether standing, walking, sitting, or lying down awake,
be mindful of this determination. This is called heaven on earth.

By not holding rigid or harmful views, this pure-hearted one,
having clarity of vision, free from selfish desires,
will never again have fixed identities


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